New Short Stories Published

Holy Male 3My story “Air” is in the new edition of The Holy MaleThe Holy Male is a bi monthly magazine published with the intent to explore the spiritual, artistic and sexual lives of queer men. The magazine contains interviews, poetry, prose, illustration and photography, non fiction and some surprises. This volume features art by Brian Kenny, an interview by Jordan Bach with Zachary Quinto and much more. Edited by Gregory Foster.

Extract from “Air”: The tall man and the lean man make love in this place the way lovers do after a fight, gripping at flesh, panting into each other’s mouths, lips pressed together, drawing breath from each other’s lungs, back and forth, realigning their breaths to become again one creature. The lean man’s body is taut with muscle, except, the tall man discovers, his buttocks; they are fleshy and soft, “malleable” is a word that comes to mind. The tall man digs his fingers into the other man’s buttocks, the way the lean man digs his fists into the tall man’s thighs, and into his buttocks, which are firm, and the tall man knows this and clenches them so the lean man will be impressed. The lean man is impressed with the tall man’s body, and for the tall man this is his reward for many hours spent at the gym.

glitterwolfAnd my story “Face Pic” and some artwork appears in the new edition of Glitterwolf Magazine. Glitterwolf Magazine is a UK-based literary and arts magazine that publishes poetry, fiction, art and photography by contributors identifying as LGBT from around the world. Edited by Matt Cresswell.

Extract from “Face Pic”: Don’t bother messaging me if you don’t have a face pic. And no winks please. Twinks are fine. LOL. I’m horny and hard and have a mildly hairy chest and I like men who are masculine. I want my man to be a man. No Asians, please. I’m not racist, it’s just my preference. Sorry, guys… prefer to be honest. I like a guy who can take as well as give. But I’m more of a top. I’m a sucker for passive guys who like a lot of anal attention. Sexually I’m a top and I love arse – licking it, playing with it, rimming it, fingering it – basically, everything that goes with a nice round bum. But if your profile says you’re a top and I contact you then you know what that means. I will get on all fours for the right guy. I love sex – probably much more than your average guy, but I’m also up for a couple of pints down the pub or a night in. I like to cuddle.

I also have a story in Issue 3 of Headmaster Magazine.

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