The Open Door Policy

You’ve still got it, he thought to himself on a sofa in the cavern between the wet area and the cruising cabins. Just a few days ago he’d thought: There will come a time when the beautiful men will no longer have sex with you. By “beautiful” he means the kind he wants to have sex with. He’ll have sex with a wide range of men, but in particular he likes the beautiful ones and for most of his life he has been lucky with beautiful men. Many beautiful men. Thousands. Beautiful does not mean young, although young men are often beautiful. So, just when he’d started to convince himself that the end of sex with beautiful men was near along comes today to prove the end of beautiful men might be further than expected.

It began with the soft young man. The young men of today are often soft, even if they work out at the gym their buttocks seem soft, pliable, sometimes this is a turn on, sometimes it makes them more feminine, the kind of softness straight men tell him is what they like about woman. This young man is soft and pliable and hungry. If there is one thing that turns him on it is hunger and even more so if he is the object of the hunger. This young man whose name he will never know but his skin he will know and his mouth for its kisses (does he smoke?) and its warmth on his cock.

He leads the soft young man to a cubicle and does not close the door and the soft young man does not close the door and none of the men who join them close the door and this is a delight, for what often happens when a third person joins a couple in a room this third person thinks it’s his job to close the door. I don’t like it when men close a door in a situation that calls for an open door.

I started the party and I welcome the men as they enter, two in particular join us, me and the soft young man. That’s me standing and the other man is lying on his back on the raised banquette, although he sometimes raises himself onto an elbow to facilitate the taking of a cock into his mouth. My plan had been to fuck the soft young man but I’m feeling more and more like a host, the organiser of the party and I just want everybody to have a good time, the shorter man with the hairy chest and his fuck fuck fuck energy who’s not entirely into me – or into anyone – and likes to hold the back of the soft young man’s head and ply his throat with cock. There is also a tall young man who is into me and strokes and kisses and positions himself behind me while I fuck the soft young guy’s mouth and he kisses and licks and kneads my back and this is a nice feeling.

At some point I leave. At some point I come back for a short while but then leave again. The second time was with a skinny young man with very hairy legs and… there were many men and if you’d seen me from above you’d have thought: he’s very popular. He’s connecting with everyone, even if only for a brief minute. At some point you’d have seen me shower and then settle into one of the black sofas to rest from the party I’d organised and participated in.

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